Reviewing, Copy Editing & Proofreading

Do you need more ideas on what to include in your essay? or do you want to improve the quality of your manuscript?  Dr Samuel Muchoki can help! Send your manuscipt for (1) review and copy editing, (2) proofreading, or both. 

Review & Copy editing

This will involve:

♦ Checking written material for any  mistakes, inconsistencies, repetition and wordiness to ensure it communicates ideas clearly, concisely and logically

♦ Suggesting any changes to titles, subheadings and reorganisation of portions of written material to ensure a more logical order

♦ Suggesting any additional material to improve your manuscript

♦ Rewriting sentences and paragraphs to ensure they communicate ideas clearly

♦ Checking the voice used in the manuscript

♦ Checking if the manuscripts conforms to required intext citation and referencing


This will involve:

♦ Fixing any mistakes in the structure of your manuscript (including sentences, paragraphs and sections)

♦ Fixing grammar, spelling, style and punctuation

♦ Checking consistency of written material. For example, consistency in font type and size, and pronounciation

♦ Fixing layout and design of the manuscript  

What to send for review and copy editing

(1) The manuscript

(2) Requirement for the essay (if any)

(3) Marking rublic

(4) Reference style required

What to send for proofreading

(1) The manuscript

Why to send relevant documents

Send documents to Dr Samuel Muchoki at

NB: Feedback on manuscript submitted for both review and copy editing, and proofreading will be provided in two stages.

Stage 1: The manuscript will be reviewed and copy edited, and sent back to the author.  The author is required  to make the necessary changes and resend the manuscript for proofreading.

Stage 2: The manuscript undergoes proofreading and then sent back to the author. 

Time required to review and copy edited a manuscript depends on its length. A short manuscript normally takes between 1-3 days. A long manuscript takes between 4 and 14 days. A much shorter time is required to proof read a manuscript. 

Cost of reviewing & copy editing, and proofreading

Short manuscript

500 words                $30

1,000 words              $50

2,000 words              $90

3,000 words              $100

4,000 words              $150

5,000 words              $200

Long manuscript

10,000 words            $400

20,000 words            $800

50,000 words            $1,000

80,000 words            $1,200

Cost of "proofreading only" is  50% of the total cost. 

About Dr Samuel Muchoki

Dr Muchoki ( B.A, M.A, PhD (La Trobe) is an experienced academic writer and has published articles and book reviews in national and international peer reviewed journals. He is author of "intimacy, citizenship and refugee men" published by Palgrave Macmillan (UK).

Dr Muchoki has taught in the areas of public health, health promotion, social sciences and community development at the following universities in Australia: Monash university, La Trobe university, Victoria university, and Swinburne university. He has  assessed thousands of academic papers and essays written by university students. He also writes policies in the local government sector in Melbourne, Australia. Read more at LinkedIn

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M: 0416 111 302