Editing & Proofreading

Have you finished writing your academic manuscript? Do not let typos, cohesion, poor structure, citation and referencing compromise the quality of your paper.

Dr Muchoki will read your manuscript to ensure it communicates ideas clearly, concisely and logically. The assessment will also ensure that your manuscript does not have typos. Feedback will be provided on:

       ♦  the structure of your manuscript (including sentences, paragraphs and sections)

♦ the voice you have used in your writing

♦ how you have used punctuation marks

♦ citation and referencing.

Feedback will be provided using track changes and comments. The feedback will help you to improve your manuscript. 

NB: Please remember to send the marking criteria together with your academic paper. 

Prices for manuscript assessments 

Short manuscript

Upto 500 words                $25

Upto 1,000 words              $45

Upto 2,000 words              $85

Upto 4,000 words              $140

Long manuscript

Upto 10,000 words            $380

Upto 20,000 words            $600

Upto 50,000 words            $800

Upto 80,000 words            $1,000

Time required to read and provide feedback depends on the length of your manuscript. A short manuscript normally takes between 1-3 days. A long manuscript takes between 4 and 14 days. 

Dr Samuel M. Muchoki,  B.A, M.A, PhD (La Trobe)

Dr Muchoki is an experienced academic writer and has published articles and book reviews in peer reviewed journals. He is author of "intimacy, citizenship and refugee men" published by Palgrave Macmillan (UK).

Dr Muchoki has taught at the following universities in Australia: Monash university, La Trobe university, Victoria university, and Swinburne university. He has  assessed thousands of academic papers and essays written by university students. 

Dr Muchoki also writes policies in the local government sector in Melbourne, Australia. Read more at LinkedIn

For more information contact Dr Samuel Muchoki at samuelm@melbiinstitute.com.au